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“In the fall, I buried all my sorrows in my garden. Then, when April bloomed again, and the earth and spring celebrated their nuptials, my garden was strewn with splendid and exceptional flowers.” – Khalil Gibran.

Fall is a season of transition, where we reflect on what we have accomplished so far and prepare for the winter retreat and the year ahead. It’s a difficult season for many as it marks the end of summer, its vital energy, and the onset of winter. Losing the exciting summer light is difficult for many of us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is linked with the lung’s energy, symbolized by melancholy and the work of the breath. This season, focusing on real breathing work is essential to open and lighten your emotions, let go, and reconnect with yourself. In many traditions, breath is the energy of life. The work of breathing increases vitality and dynamism. While physical exercise works on the body, meditation on the mind, and respiratory work acts on emotions. When we breathe automatically, we exchange ½ liter of air roughly with each breath. Still, when we live consciously, we exchange 5 liters of air. Combined with breathing work, natural essences chosen for their properties on the psyche, you will thus increase the well-being of the body and mind.

Traditional Ayurveda

In Traditional Indian medicine named Ayurveda, Pranayama is the 8th discipline of yoga. It focuses on breathing to balance the body and mind. For example, solar breathing, or Surya benihana, energizes the body and mind. In contrast to lunar breathing, Chandra benihana promotes inner calmness. Solar breathing is practiced by inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left nostril. For lunar breathing, it is the other way around.

When we accompany each breath with a natural essence, it can enhance the benefits. Pouring one to three drops of essential oil on a paper tissue to breathe before the exercise can help balance the season’s energy.

Fall Natural Essences to Balance the Energies of the Season

Five essential oils will wonderfully accompany you this fall and help balance the season’s physical and energetic aspects. These oils can relax the body, mind, and spirit while grounding vital energy and calming the mind.

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood Atlas is an elegant fragrance that combines dry woody notes with fresh citrus undertones. It brings structure, depth, and character to perfumes, including citrus, floral, or spicy notes. This type of cedarwood is known for its anchoring properties and ability to strengthen inner power. It is an essence that symbolizes stability and resilience.


Sandalwood emits a woody, velvety, warm, and sensual scent that is truly captivating. While it may not have a strong olfactory power, it possesses the unique ability to enhance the overall fragrance of a perfume. From an aromachology perspective, sandalwood helps to balance and harmonize vital energies, promoting a beneficial sense of calm during meditation and aiding in the pacification of emotions.

Copaiba Wood

Copaiba wood, also known as Copahu, gets its name from the Tupi language of Brazil. It comes from the resinous copay tree, native to South America and West Africa. Copahu balsam is an oil extracted from the tree through the incision. Its slightly spicy, balsamic, and woody scents often strengthen oriental or woody fragrance accords. When combined with orange and mandarin, the relaxing and earthy fragrance of Copaiba wood brings a sense of balance and harmony.

Nutmeg Absolute

Nutmeg absolute has a sweet and warming scent that has been known since ancient times. It perfumed the streets of Rome during the coronation of Emperor Henry VI in 1190. In the Middle Ages, nutmeg was valued for its digestive and stimulating properties. The Portuguese and Dutch monopolized the nutmeg trade, highlighting its significance. Regarding aromachology, nutmeg stimulates the stomach, and carrying a walnut with you was believed to combat rheumatism. It also enhances common sense intuition and promîtes organic and intellectual functions.

Cinnamon (Bark) Absolute & EO

The smell of cinnamon is intoxicating, refined, and captivating. It is considered one of the oldest known spices and has the power to transport us to warm and delicious lands. Every aspect of cinnamon evokes beauty, femininity, and a delightful scent. Cinnamon brings sensuality, deliciousness, and character to fragrances with its warm notes. It awakens vital energy, restores strength, and instills courage.

Clove Absolute & EO

Clove is one of the most popular and yet mysterious spices. In perfumery, clove is classified as part of the “spicy” olfactory family and is predominantly used as a heart note in oriental perfumes. Due to its distinct smell, clove can be challenging to incorporate into fragrances, but it often surprises us. It can be found in woody, aromatic, fruity, or floral perfumes. Its essence serves as a physical, intellectual, and emotional stimulant..

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