Françoise Rapp

La créatrice

Françoise has 25 years of experience in natural skincare and perfumery. In the 1990s, she spent more than ten years in California, where she honed her trade and taught the principles of holistic health, aromachology, olfactotherapy, and natural perfumery.

She is an expert on how scents affect emotion, and the world-renowned alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra taught her. She trained more than 2000 medical, paramedical, and wellness professionals there in olfactotherapy. She composed exclusive holistic perfumes from the mainstream, made only with noble naturals with singular scents and benefits upon the emotions.

Francoise also collaborated with the Annick Goutal brand in Paris. Her contribution was key in the composition of their skincare range, which earned Crème Splendide being voted “best skincare cream” by Vogue Japon in 2005. Her field experience and unique expertise led her to develop the brand’s spas and train the sales teams while ensuring international press launches from Tokyo to New York.

Since then, she has taught at the prestigious perfume school École Supérieure du Parfum in Paris and Grasse, as well as at the Natural Perfumery Teachers Academy, inspiring the new generation of perfumers worldwide. 

She has partnered with niche and SME luxury brands with an international scope, including Flowering Pharmacy, for which one of her creations for Musicares won the New Luxury Awards in 2022 as the best sustainable natural perfume. 

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