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of natural, ethical luxury

We create the olfactory singularities of tomorrow: natural, sensory, and holistic. 

We lead brands to success, and our creation, SURINAME for Flowering Pharmacy, won the 2022 New Luxury Awards from the International Perfume Foundation for best sustainable perfume. 


Our Story

With holistic well-being and sustainability at the heart of everything we do, you can be assured your naturally derived products have an unwavering ecological conscience.

Your brand fragrance should be as unique as you are and reflect the alchemy powers of Nature. Our Haute Parfumerie designing services accompany premium international brands from the creative direction to the development process. 

Francoise Rapp has an impressive track record of leading international projects for indie and niche brands in France, Australia, and the USA.

As an olfactory expert for nearly three decades, Francoise Rapp offers tailored consulting services to raw material companies, complementing their R&D, Marketing, and Sales departments. 

Our Services

Creation & Development

We aim to make your brand exclusive. We collaborate with brands to create the most sophisticated perfume, aromatherapy, and aromacology formulas and their derived products in Grasse. We help you with tailored services at each step of the development process. 

Francoise Rapp perfume lab

We collaborate with naturals companies and brands to support the marketing and sales services through our expertise for tomorrow’s market trends regarding olfactory orientations, accords design and evaluation, raw materials, and developing a dedicated bespoke olfactory palette.

The power of nature impacts
so many people’s lives

Explore Francoise’s Rapp latest creations with Flowering Pharmacy. Surinam parfum d’intérieur is a distinctive natural fragrance designed exclusively for MusiCares®. Beautiful artwork created by Kris Sexton, award-wining artist Nashville artist. 

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