Françoise Rapp

Conscious Perfumery

Conscious fragrance creation seamlessly combines the forces of nature and scientific advancements through an ethical and environmentally mindful approach centered around innovation and artistic expression.

We aim to craft high-performing and pleasurable scents using renewable and sustainable ingredients. By minimizing their carbon footprint while evoking positive emotions, we contribute to consumers’ sustainable lifestyles.

This is precisely why each ingredient is meticulously chosen, with no selection made without purpose. Every component plays a distinct role in our formula.

Additionally, we collaborate with natural ingredient companies as olfactory experts to build the vision for the future of perfumery. Together, our goal is to expand the perfumer’s palette by introducing extraordinary and sustainable aromas for the perfumes of tomorrow.

This fragrance is different, that’s what makes it strong. It inaugurates a new era of perfume, parallel to more traditional scents. This helps to think of perfume as a work of art. Our planet is troubled, we must give it meaning, which Botanica de Suriname for Flowering Pharmacy by Françoise Rapp succeeds in doing brillantly by paying special attention to the Earth.

From a strictly olfactory point of view, this strong composition evoked to me the beautiful classical chypres with their intrinsic strength. For me, this signifies a new genre…

Marie-Bénédicte Gaulthier
"About Surinam, for Flowering Pharmacy"

Beauty Director Prisma Media
– Fifi awards expert judge and author “Aphorismes d’un parfumeur”
with Dominique Ropion.