Françoise Rapp

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Meet Françoise Rapp

Françoise Rapp is an olfactory expert, a highly regarded French-certified Master natural perfumer, aromatherapist, aromacologist, and olfactotherapist. She masters natural ingredients at 360°, from their therapeutic properties to their emotional benefits and impact. 

She has dedicated her career to the healing power of scent. Since 1996, Françoise has focused on the effects of scent on emotions. Mentors with international reputations in integrative medicine trained her. Francoise’s expertise is designing and developing perfumes that sublimate nature and affect our emotional well-being.

Her unique approach combines her artistic talent with technical knowledge and a deep-rooted ecological conscience, allowing her to create environmentally friendly fragrances that positively affect our emotions and lead brands to success.

With her innovative and creative approach, Françoise is a trailblazer in natural perfumery, and she collaborates with indie and international brands from the perfume, beauty, and wellness industry as well as companies in natural ingredients as an olfactory expert.

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Our Philosophy

Quality, respect and consciousness are the pillars of what we do – our non-negotiable mantra. Working with consciousness is essential to the future of our world. We are aware of the magnitude of everything we do and that everything we create is far bigger than we are.

Conscious Perfumery

This innovative new perfumery is more than just skin deep and crosses the boundaries of convention. Nestled in a new era of fragrances, it sits somewhere between the innate ritual of perfumery and the power of the spiritual realm.